Lightspeed Communications and Electrical was awarded the contract to re-design the layout, cooling and lighting in the City of South Perth server room and then implement the design.

Overcoming challenges in the server room

Several key challenges were overcome from poorly designed under floor cooling to sub standard cabling. Lightspeed came up with a solution to deliver the project with minimal downtime and maximum use of the available space and resources.

Structured cabling layout

Larger APC racks were ordered to facilitate the new infrastructure that the council was installing, allowing for the best layout of the patching and structured cabling.


Cooling was re-designed to maximise hot/cold zone air-flow and save in energy consumption.


New low voltage LED room lighting was installed along with internal rack lighting.


The end result was a user friendly, efficient server room that maximised the space and resources that were available.

Please see the time-lapse footage of the works. If you have any server room requirements, please feel free to contact Lightspeed.


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