Lightspeed is a Licenced Security Agent

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CCTV camera security

CCTV camera security

Lightspeed Communications and Electrical has recently become a licenced Security Agent and is proud to have licenced security consultants and installers working for us already!

As licenced Security Agents we can help fulfill all of your CCTV and alarm system needs, including design, procurement and installation. From a single camera to a multi-level complex, Lightspeed Communications has the skills and knowledge to create a unique system solution for businesses of all sizes.

CCTV and alarm systems complement our existing services of fibre optic installation and repair, electrical services and structured cabling.

CCTV monitoring and alarm systems provide an added level of safety and security to your premises, as well as peace-of-mind, knowing that a quality designed and installed system will deter intruders and protect your valuable assets.

Lightspeed already has vast experience delivering components of CCTV network infrastructure such as the fibre optic and electrical systems for several major projects, including the recent City of Perth CCTV camera upgrade, the CCTV camera network at the East Perth to Optus Stadium Matagarup Bridge, and the City of Joondalup Collier Pass surveillance project.

For all of your CCTV and alarm system requirements, contact the experts at Lightspeed Communications and Electrical.

Security Agent licence number: SA58170


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