Network Spaghetti: Tidy up your poorly patched Network Cabinet

“Network spaghetti” is what you have when your network cabinet or communications room resembles a bowl of coloured spaghetti!

An untidy or poorly patched network cabinet can cause a plethora of problems, from restricting the connection of new users or equipment to slowing networks due to bent or damaged patch cables.

This is where Lightspeed’s expertise shine!

Lightspeed was recently contracted by the City of Perth to rectify the poor state of one of their central network racks. The system is an integral component to the operation of 24 hour carparks, and had major fibre optic network cables running through it that serviced several critical city buildings and infrastructure areas.

The works required coordination across multiple stakeholders, along with a requirement to be completed within a tight 12 hour outage window.

We completed the job hours ahead of schedule, without incident and with 100% re-connection of all services.

The total scope of work involved planning meetings, the audit and removal of the older patching, rack and equipment. Then replacement with a new network cabinet that included a better rack layout design and patch cable management solution.

If you need to rectify your “network spaghetti”, contact us to find out how we can help.


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