The City of Perth is currently revitalising its “forgotten spaces” with the objective to improve the contribution that laneways make to the city’s economy and vitality while sustaining their traditional physical form.

This strategy aims to promote a city that has:

  • Distinct and thriving laneways;
  • A greater stock of diverse, affordable business spaces;
  • Business diversity that compliments commerce in malls and arcades;
  • Strong partnerships with business and community organisations;
  • Innovative businesses that offer a point of difference to suburban competitors, representative of Perth’s unique character; and
  • Good connectivity and permeability

 Lightspeed’s involvement:

As part of any major upgrade to public spaces, with the increase in people comes the increase in demand for technology and security. As the contracted fibre optic installer for the City of Perth, we have been engaged to provide critical network additions to the existing free public WiFi and CCTV systems. This came with the added challenges of ensuring that new cabling pathways don’t interfere with proposed artworks and architectural changes within the public spaces. We facilitated meetings between the designers and key stakeholders of the project to ensure that all systems could co-exist with minimal impact on each other.

With the project now underway, we look forward to another one of the city’s “forgotten spaces” being reinvigorated over the coming year.

If you have any fibre optic, data or electrical maintenance projects for your business or department, please feel free to get in touch with Lightspeed Communications and Electrical.


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