One of the most common calls we get following the installation of fibre optic cables that have LC connectors is: “that fibre you installed doesn’t work, can you fix it?”. Naturally we value our customers’ satisfaction above everything else and we then need to explain the issue of A-B and B-A connectivity.

LC fibre cable connectivity: The problem with LC fibre cable connectors

The core root of the problem is that LC patch leads are fixed with a small plastic clip that holds them as a duplex, which, unlike other connectors, does not allow you to simply swap the cores. Below is a great little video from a manufacturer showing how to un-clip LC patch leads to allow your network to fire up as intended!

The solution

This simplest way to think of two cores of fibres is to think that if the fibre is patched into Tx at one end, that core needs to patch to Rx at the other. If there is no link light, simply try the swapping of the cores and you might be up and going!

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