Fibre optic components

With the rapid deployment in the cabling market of pre-terminated fibre optics over recent years, it has become increasingly easy for companies who install cable systems to install fibre optic components that they were previously not capable of performing. This is because the termination and testing of fibre cables takes expensive specialist equipment and extensive knowledge, and new pre-terminated fibre assemblies take away the need for the installer to own or use this equipment. However, this comes with its own issues.

Lightspeed solves problems

On numerous occasions Lightspeed have been called to help rectify or solve why a fibre installed by another contractor does not work. We will often be presented with the light source power meter test results provided with the cable from the manufacturer. It needs to be understood that these test results provided by the manufacturer ARE NOT the results for the cable after it has been installed. They are a test performed in a manufacturing laboratory under clean, ideal conditions to show that the cable left the factory in perfect condition.

Quality installation practices

Installation practices need to be exemplary when installing fibre optics, both to ensure that the bend radius of the fibre is within tolerance for light transmission at the required bandwidth and that the delicate ends are not subjected to excessive force, dust or other factors often found during installation.

After installation, end to end testing of the fibre optic cable should be completed to Australian Standards with a calibrated and certified tester by a trained technician who has completed the fibre optic testing and commissioning certification.

Highly trained and certified

Lightspeed has all staff trained to the highest standards and have carrier grade test equipment that is certified for the testing we undertake.

If you need advice or assistance designing or installing your fibre optic network, please get in touch with us at Lightspeed so we can give you the right advice and solution for your requirements.


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