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Wireless Access Points for Royal Fremantle Golf Club

Site Location: Royal Fremantle Golf Club 

Completed: February 2021

Project Manager: Matt Harris

Onsite Supervisor: Thang Ho 

Quality Standards Applicable:
AS/NZS:3080:2013 and AS/NZS 11801:2019
AS/NZS 3012:2010

Data Centre Cabling

The Royal Fremantle Golf Club is one of Perth’s premier private golf clubs with links to some of the worlds most prestigious and exclusive clubs.

To manage the clubs operations and scheduling they utilize a specialized online service from MiClub. To support this service the club has a network of wireless access points through club house buildings.

As part of works to increase the range of coverage there was need to relocate existing WAP and install additional units. Lightspeed Communications and Electrical were employed by MiClub to assist with the relocation works and installation of new data cabling for the new units.

Due to the timing of these works coinciding with strict Covid19 restrictions in Perth, Lightspeed technicians were required to add additional controls to our already robust health and safety procedures. Whilst adding an additional layer of complexity to an already tricky job our team were able to complete the works on time and budget.

With the club running at reduced capacity, it was the perfect time to complete the works to minimise any disruption caused whilst still maintaining all necessary health and safety controls.

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