A collection of Lightspeed projects completed for some of our most valued partners

Fibre Optic Testing in Pinjarra

Site Location: Murray Engineering in Pinjarra

Completed: February 2021

Account Manager: Ian Pinkard

Onsite Supervisor: Ryan Sommerfeld

Quality Standards Applicable:
AS/NZS:3080:2013 and AS/NZS 11801:2019
AS/NZS 3012:2010

Data Centre Cabling

Lightspeed Communications was recently contacted to test an intermittent communications fault with an alarm system at a large industrial site in Pinjarra. Prestige Alarms monitors and maintains the security system for Murray Engineering at their facility.

Prior to Lightspeed’s technician attending site an array of troubleshooting had been performed and had been inconclusive, so to rule out any fibre optic connection issues, Lightspeed’s technician attended site and performed end to end testing of the fibre link.

There was no fault found on the fibre optic connection, so our technician worked through potential causes on site to assist and educate on fibre optic connections. With the fibre optic connection ruled out as causing the fault effort could be focused on the active equipment at each end of the link to try and resolve the drop outs.

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