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Wireless Access Point (WAP) Distribution Nationwide for Sadleirs Global

Site Location: Various site across Australia

Completed: Ongoing

Project Manager: Matt Harris

Site Manager: Various

Quality Standards Applicable:
AS/NZS 3012:2010

Data Centre Cabling

Still a privately owned family business since their inception in 1829, Sadleir Logistics Group has expanded its infrastructure and services to become a trusted logistics and packaging provider to many of Australia’s leading companies.

With an ever-expanding breadth of technology in the logistics chain, expansive wireless coverage is required at all the Sadleirs sites across the country. Lightspeed have rolled out structured cabling and wireless access points to large scale facilities in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Perth.

The massive scale of the warehouses, 24-hour operations and constant moving of trucks, trains and light vehicles means that meticulous planning and management is required.

Our highly skilled technicians use their high-risk work qualifications and knowledge to install cabling and wireless access points in massive industrial warehouses. All works are undertaken with large scale safety protocols in place.

Lightspeed is proud to be able to work with such a great family owned business.

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