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Preventative Maintenance Services

Site Location: Various site across Australia

Completed: Ongoing

General Manager: Matt Harris

Operations Supervisor: Ian Pinkard

Quality Standards Applicable:
AS/NZS 3012:2010

Data Centre Cabling

As part of operating high quality, high bandwidth and high reliability fibre optic networks ongoing maintenance of both connections and joints are essential.

Lightspeed Communications completes regular scheduled maintenance on multiple fibre optic networks to maintain these essential connections.

These inspections include the use of fibre optic microscopes to inspect and document the condition of each fibre optic core whilst utilizing specialised cleaning tools to remove dust and dirt that may adversely affect the speed and reliability of a network.

The maintenance of fibre optic joints within in ground pits is vital to ensure that joints have not become damaged or waterlogged potentially damaging the individual fibres or cables. These checks include inspecting that each joint is correctly sealed, free of water and dust, and that all cables and joints are labelled correctly.

While performing these works Lightspeed document each fibre optic core to track which cores are currently in use, trace patch leads and report on available capacity.

At completion of each round of checks Lightspeed curates the numerous inspection reports, photo’s and microscope images, along with an overall report detailing any required remedial works or areas of concern before a handover meeting to our clients.


As with all Lightspeed projects we are proud to work closely with our clients to not only expand but also maintain their essential connections.

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