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Lumen Christi College Fibre Optic Network Audit

Site Location: Lumen Christi College, Martin WA 

Completed: October 2019

Account Manager: Joe Arrigo

Project Manager: Andy Nguyen

Quality Standards Applicable:
AS/NZS 3012:2010

Data Centre Cabling

Lumen Christi College is a year 7-12 college in Perth’s eastern suburb of Martin. The college has been built over many years and includes a range of specialist learning facilities.

As part of a planned modernization of the college’s IT infrastructure it was discovered that some of the existing fibre optic backbone cabling is outdated and will not support the planned bandwidth upgrade. To assess the network Lightspeed was contacted to test all existing cabling and provide a report of the state of the existing fibre optic network along with recommendations for future upgrades to support future connectivity.

With the support of the on-site IT staff, Lightspeed technicians performed complete end to end testing of each fibre optic link to Australian Standards. After this testing was completed all the test results were compiled and a report prepared for the college to begin planning for their future requirements.

As with all facets of communications infrastructure it is vital to keep fibre optic networks up to date to keep up with the growing bandwidth requirements of the connected world. Though existing networks may be up to speed for current requirements, the addition of CCTV, Wi-Fi, Internet of Things sensor networks, and other emerging technologies, to existing backbone networks can lead to bottlenecks and network slowdowns. These slowdowns not only cause disruption and frustration to users but also end up costing money due to lost productivity.

Lightspeeds vast experience with large fibre optic networks allow us to design resilient and future proofed networks no matter the size of project, from a single link to multiple cables with hundreds of network end points.

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