A collection of Lightspeed projects completed for some of our most valued partners

Scarborough Foreshore Redevelopment

Client: Stiles Electrical Services

Owner: City of Stirling

Site Location: Scarborough Foreshore

Completed: April 2018

Project Manager: Joe Arrigo
Site Manager: Ryan Sommerfeld

Special Project Achievements:
This project had a firm completion date, which, through Lightspeed’s good work practice and efficiency, we were able to achieve.

Quality Standards Applicable:
AS/NZS 3080:2013
AS/ACIF S009:2013

Specific OH & S Requirements:
AS/NZS 3012:2010

Stiles Electrical is a commercial, industrial and civil electrical firm based in Joondalup WA, that contracted Lightspeed Communications & Electrical to complete fibre optic terminations and associated works on the Scarborough Foreshore Redevelopment project on behalf of the City of Stirling.

The overall scope for Lightspeed was to terminate and test the client’s 24 core single mode fibre optic cabling at data cabinets along Scarborough beach front to allow for CCTV and future public Wi-Fi access.

The project was achieved by terminating the fibre cabling into FOBOTS, labelling at every stage, OTDR and light source testing, recording all results and then presenting them in a clear and concise manner (via spreadsheet and raw data) to the customer at the project completion.

Due to the cabinets’ locations along Scarborough beach front, all safety measures were taken to protect both the general public and technicians from the associated hazards.

After this project was completed and a handover done by Lightspeed, the client was so pleased with the results, that we were immediately asked to carry out future works for them at this site and others. Lightspeed was happy to help and provide our high level of expertise to all works.