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Fibre Optic Network Preventative Maintenance

Site Location: Various locations across Perth 

Completed: April 2022

Project Manager: Ian Pinkard

Project Supervisor: Thang Ho 

Quality Standards Applicable:
AS/NZS:3080:2013 and AS/NZS 11801:2019
AS/NZS 3012:2010

Special Project Achievements: Maintaining caution whilst working on live networks and around active infrastructure

Data Centre Cabling

Just as with operating a high-performance vehicle, running a high-performance communications network requires regular maintenance to keep it working at its best.

Lightspeed Communications regularly complete a preventative maintenance program for our clients, this includes the inspection of fibre optic joints within outdoor pits, cleaning and video scope inspection of unused fibre optic cores, tracing and recording of fibre optic patch lead connections in racks, and reporting of any areas of the network that require future remediation or expansion.

The preventative maintenance inspections are designed to both make best use of the clients existing network and identify any connections that need either upgrading or replacement. This assists with future network planning and making the most of infrastructure that is already installed and fit for use.

Lightspeed Communications team of fibre optic technicians work on live fibre optic networks every day and are trained on the best practice of handling, inspecting, and cleaning all aspects of a cable network.

With large complex networks to inspect and maintain project management is paramount to ensuring that not only is inspection completed safely but with no down time for our clients. To document each location that is inspected we have implemented online reporting tools that our field technicians use to complete the required checks, upload photos, and report any remediation that is required.

At the end of each round of checks Lightspeed’s project management team create a summarised report for our clients with the current state of the network, any areas that need attention, and suggested future expansion

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