A collection of Lightspeed projects completed for some of our most valued partners

Commissioning of Expansive Fibre Optic Network at Binduli Heap

Binduli Heap

YEM Technology 

Norton Goldfields 

Site Location:

Commenced June 2022, ongoing 

Project Manager: Matt Harris

Site Lead Technician: Jonathan Richards 

Special Project Achievements:
Assisting in fibre optic network planning on site with project engineers 

Specific OH & S Requirements:
Working remotely along power line network 

Data Centre Cabling

​Extracting a single ounce of gold from tonnes of ore takes many things; thorough investigation, solid planning, years of environmental approvals, thousands of man hours, a lot of electricity, and hundreds or interconnected control systems. To connect operations across large mine sites fibre optic connections are the go-to connection of choice.

Throughout June and July 2022 Lightspeed Communications and Electrical have been working alongside YEM Technology at Binduli Gold Mine outside Kalgoorlie to terminate and commission an expansive fibre optic network linking the site together. 

Working right across the site, Lightspeed’s team of technicians have been working to prepare, splice, test, and commission a fibre network comprising large sections of overhead power ground wire fibre (OPGW) and standard underground loose tube cable.

While plans had been made for the joint locations, type and end points of the fibre optic network, no splicing plan had been prepared for each joint to show which end points were to be connected or with how many fibre optic pairs. Lightspeed’s leading hand on the project worked alongside the site engineers to layout the required connections and develop splicing plans for each OPGW splicing joint to link numerous end points.


As with most large projects the termination and commissioning of the communications network is one of the final steps before testing and handover. Being brought in late to the project, Lightspeed’s dedicated team worked tirelessly to not only catch up, but also get ahead of the installation and commissioning teams on site.

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