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Site Wide UPS Implementation and Upgrade

Name: Site Wide UPS Implementation and Upgrade

Client: City of South Perth

Owner: City of South Perth

Site Location: Operations Centre/Manning & Civic Library

Completed: August 2014

Project Manager: Joseph Arrigo
Site Supervisor: Ian Pinkard

Special Project Achievements:
All data cabinet and essential services were cut over on time, after hours and without disruption to any essential services.

Quality Standards Applicable:
AS/NZS 3080:2013
AS/ACIF S009:2013

Specific OH & S Requirements:
AS/NZS 3012:2010



Whilst working with the City of South Perth, Lightspeed Communications highlighted the risk that the City had at many sites, which had either substandard UPS installation or those without the capacity to keep essential services with any significant up time.

Lightspeed Communications conducted a site wide audit and worked with the City to determine UPS and battery pack requirements to meet the required run time needed for each location.

Each sites’ ‘equipment load’ was calculated and the correct size UPS was proposed.

A roll out to upgrade all significant locations, with the focus being to have zero downtime to the City’s staff and patrons, was planned.

Lightspeed Communications are happy to say this goal was achieved.

Equipment installed:
1 x APC Smart-UPS RT 5000VA
1 x APC Smart-UPS RT 192V Battery Pack
4 x Smart-UPS RT 19″ Rail Kit
1 x PDU Metered Power Rail
5 x APC Smart-UPS 1000VA Rack/Tower LCD 230V
5 x APC UPS Network Management Card
3 x APC Smart-UPS RT 48VBattery Pack
5 x APC Smart-UPS RT 19″ Rail Kit

Site Wide UPS Implementation and Upgrade

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