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Grid Scale Battery System at Broome Power Station

Broome Power Station Batteries


Site Location:
Broome, WA

September 2022

Project Manager: Matt Harris

On-Site Technicians: Jonathan Richards and Simon Kawka 

Special Project Achievements:
Working closely with the project engineers and designers to refine project scope and work through conflicting information 

Data Centre Cabling

The northwest corner of Western Australia is one of the most sparsely populated areas of the country while being the most economically important to the nation.

From the iron ore mines inland to the tourist coast and everywhere in between the region has an amazing amount of clear, sunny days each year that are perfect for solar power generation. Being so remote and sparsely populated means that the region has been limited with the amount of solar generation that can be added to the electrical grid without destabilising the network – the remedy? BIG batteries.


Lightspeed Communications & Electrical have recently completed a project with Aerison at the Broome Power Station to connect a new grid scale battery system which will let more solar systems to be installed on the community’s roof tops while keeping the grid stable.

Lightspeed’s team of fibre optic technicians have completed the termination, testing and commissioning of the fibre optic links between the containerised system. These links are used to monitor and control the system and are vital to the safe, reliable operation. Fibre optic connections are perfectly suited to this application, since fibre optic cables have not metal parts, they are safe to connect areas that have high voltages that would otherwise cause issues.

With the world moving to a renewable energy future these systems are becoming more commonplace every day. From grid scale batteries to suburb sharing and down to electric vehicles powering individual households, the move to renewables is making our energy system more complex, connected, and controllable than ever before.

Lightspeed Communications and Electrical is proud to be doing our part to make the transition to a cleaner, renewable energy future as seamless and reliable as possible.

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