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Fibre Optic Link in the City of South Perth from South Perth Operations Centre to George Burnett Leisure Centre

Site Location: City of South Perth Operations Centre to George Burnett Leisure CentreĀ 

Completed: August 2019

Account Manager: Joe Arrigo

Project Manager: Ian PinkardĀ 

Quality Standards Applicable:
AS/NZS 3012:2010

Data Centre Cabling

The City of South Perth is a local government area located on the southern banks of the Swan river. The City manages numerous civic buildings and areas including leisure facilities and operations buildings.

This project was designed to link the existing Operations Centre with the George Burnett Leisure Centre via the Collier Park Golf Course. This was to reduce the on-going costs related to internet/corporate network access. With this link the City will provide connections to Collier Park Golf Course, Collier Park Seniors Village and the George Burnett Leisure Centre along with prevision for future services through this area.

Lightspeed Communications were engaged to install communications conduit and pit infrastructure, and fibre optic cabling from the Operations Centre to GBLC and on to the Collier Park Seniors Village. These links have allowed the city to reduce ongoing costs with a payback period of under 4 years, all with far greater capacity than would have been previously available.

This project involved working closely with both the City and the Collier Park Golf Course ground keepers to minimise disruption to the Golf Course whilst ensuring the safety of both the public and the works crews. This close collaboration resulted in the project being completed on time and on budget with no incidents and the golf course grounds being handed back in the best possible condition.

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