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East Rockingham Waste to Energy

East Rockingham Waste to Energy

Way Electrical

Site Location:
East Rockingham, WA

Early 2024

Project Manager: Thang Ho 

Special Project Achievements: 

Having an agile technical and management team within Lightspeed, meaning we were able to quickly respond to changes where needed 

Waste to Energy

As the world moves to decarbonise, most nations are looking at ways to minimise their greenhouse gas emissions. From solar and wind to pumped hydro and energy storage technologies, the electrical grids across Australia are rapidly changing to keep their reliability while moving towards a lower carbon future.

In East Rockingham another piece of the decarbonisation puzzle is being built. The first Australian large-scale waste to energy plant is being constructed that will take waste that would otherwise be destined for landfill and use it to produce electricity that will feed into the WA electrical grid. Though still producing carbon in the process, the more harmful methane that would otherwise be produced from landfill is eliminated.

Lightspeed have been working closely with Way Electrical to terminate, test and commission fibre optic connections between the new plants numerous control and monitoring system. As the site is expansive and spread across many levels fibre optic connections are the best solution to ensure that systems are connected reliably, efficiently and without interference from surrounding machinery. 

As with all large projects changes have been needed to be incorporated during the project, having an agile technical and management team Lightspeed has been able to quickly respond when changes are needed.

Lightspeed look forward to continue working alongside our partners to get the expansive fibre network complete and commissioned to ensure that the plant is up and running with the planned opening in early 2024.

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