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Tianqi Kwinana Facility – CCTV Design & Installation

Name: Tianqi Kwinana Facility

Client: Datacom Systems

Owner: Tianqi Lithium Australia

Site Location: Tianqi Lithium Kwinana Plant

Completed: January 2019

Project Manager: Ian Pinkard
Site Manager: Andy Nguyen

Special Project Achievements:
Lightspeeds’ excellent organisational skills and communication shone through, to quickly elevate us onsite and exceed clients’ expectations

Quality Standards Applicable:
AS/NZS 3080:2013
AS/ACIF S009:2013

Specific OH & S Requirements:
AS/NZS 3012:2010


Lightspeed were referred to Datacom through mutual business associates due to our exceptional quality of work and ability to tackle any job. Datacom had been tasked with getting parts of the Tianqi Lithium Australia – Kwinana Plant up and running and contracted Lightspeed to complete the CCTV camera design and installation portion of these works.

Lightspeed set to work designing a CCTV system that would cover all areas of the facility across multiple buildings that kept to our high standards, whilst including the minimum cameras and man hours required to reduce costs.

Lightspeed technicians and security installers then executed the plan of installation of the CCTV cameras and associated cabling in stages as required by the end client as different parts of the plant were worked on and completed.

Lightspeed came across a few hurdles within the works, one being the remote location of the plant and another being sufficient mounting capabilities for some cameras to allow correct positioning. Lightspeed tackled this head on and worked closely with a metal fabricator to design and build a special mast to suit the camera and solve the visibility issues. With clear dimensions and direction from Lightspeed, the one-of-a-kind mast was manufactured promptly and fixed the issue first time. This allowed for minimal delays, downtime and variations for all parties and ensured the smooth completion of the installation.

During the course of this project, Lightspeed worked closely with several different interested parties. At the beginning of the project we nominated a project manager to oversee all aspects, and to assist in the concise and correct flow of information and status updates to keep all relevant parties up to date and informed.

This project was also completed in many stages due to the large nature of the work and differing deadlines. At times the site itself was rather disorganised, partly due to how many contractors were involved. However, Lightspeed Communications were able to stay on top of it all and be exactly where they were needed when required with the correct equipment and complete their components due to our nominated project manager. His excellent organisational skills, common sense and eagerness were invaluable and allowed us to complete the project on time and under budget, and greatly exceeded the clients expectations – something Lightspeed strives to do and prides itself on with every job.

Tianqi Kwinana Facility - CCTV Design & Installation

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