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Smart Freeway Mitchell Southbound Cable Haul

Smart Freeway Mitchell Southbound Cable Haul 

Intelligent Freeway Alliance 

Owner: Main Roads WA 

Site Location:

January 2024

Project Manager: Joseph Arrigo 

Specific OH&S Requirements: 

Working across numerous areas with other work crews adjacent to the active freeway. Ensuring all works are covered by appropriate traffic managementhn and safety barriers for Lightspeed’s team. 

Waste to Energy

​Ask any Perth driver their biggest annoyance on their daily commute, and they’ll usually say being stopped in traffic on one off the cities freeways without any obvious reason.

After the success of the Kwinana Northbound smart freeway to help keep traffic flowing during peak hours and when there is an incident, the Mitchell Freeway Southbound is having the same technology implemented to help keep Perth moving.

Lightspeed Communications & Electrical have been chosen to work with the Intelligent Freeway Alliance to deliver the fibre optic network connections to the devices that monitor and react to the freeway traffic conditions. From cameras and stopped vehicle detectors, to traffic lights and overhead variable speed limit and information signs, they are all getting fast, reliable connections to Main Roads WA network.

The Lightspeed team have begun the mammoth task of installing kilometres of new fibre optic cables along the side of the freeway to connect all the new devices. Working through the scorching Perth summer the team have been hard at work preparing, installing and ultimately terminating and testing the new cables.

One of the major challenges is working alongside an active freeway and existing live network, scheduling works to happen outside peak hours and ensuring a safe work environment has been paramount to keep the project running safely and smoothly.

Whilst there is many more connections still to be made and a lot of hard work to go, Lightspeed Communications & Electrical are proud to be part of the enormous project.

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