A collection of Lightspeed projects completed for some of our most valued partners

Communications Rack Relocation

Client: City of Perth

Owner: City of Perth

Site Location: Pier Street Car Park, Perth

Completed: July 2019


Project Manager: Ian Pinkard

Site Manager: Ian Pinkard

Special Project Achievements:

Lightspeed orOrganised and performed the relocation of the full communications rack with minimal downtime and disruption.

Quality Standards Applicable:

AS 3000


Specific OH & S Requirements:

Working within active car park

City of Perth is a local government authority in Western Australia which owns and operates numerous large car parks within the Perth CBD under the CPP branding. These car parks are operated with a mix of remote and on-site operations staff for up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Pier St car park is a large multi-story building that is manned for much of each day by on-site attendants who are based in the ground level booth. The existing communications and server rack was located in this booth, and due to the number of pieces of active equipment, the noise level had become uncomfortable for the attendants.

CPP decided to relocate all the active equipment, fibre optic cables, and data cabling to a new dedicated room. To minimise disruption to both the car park and the City’s greater network, a plan was devised to achieve the following during a single overnight shutdown and cut-over:

  • extend all the existing data cabling to the new rack’s location
  • relocate all fibre optic cables and active equipment

Pre-works were carried in the week preceding the shutdown and included pre-wiring all the required data cabling, installation of 2 new communications racks and associated cable tray, and pre-installation of new power circuits for both new rack locations.

The shutdown and cut-over occurred on a Saturday night with the assistance of City of Perth and CPP personnel, by a team of Lightspeed technicians. All existing cables were labelled and moved to their new locations prior to being re-terminated. All active equipment was moved to the new locations and reinstalled prior to being patched and powered back on.

With all cabling and patching works completed ahead of schedule, the car park was able to open as scheduled with all services back up and running.