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Building Maintenance Riser Clean-Up

Name: Building Maintenance Riser Clean-Up

Client: GDI No 35

Owner: Colliers International

Site Location: 197 St Georges Tce, Perth and 5 Mill St, Perth

Completed: April 2018

Project Manager: Matthew Harris
Site Manager: Ryan Sommerfeld

Special Project Achievements:
The before and after photographs show what an amazing and professional transformation was completed by Lightspeed. Building management were so impressed with the audit and the after works, they contracted Lightspeed to perform further works straight away

Quality Standards Applicable:
AS/NZS 3080:2013
AS/ACIF S009:2013

Specific OH & S Requirements:
AS/NZS 3012:2010

197 St Georges Terrace, Perth and 5 Mill Street, Perth are two high-rise buildings within the Perth CBD catering to a wide range of tenants, managed by Colliers International. As with many buildings their cabling risers had become full of redundant and non-maintained cabling causing limited space for further cable installations, requiring a tidy up from a safety and maintenance point of view.

Lightspeed Communications & Electrical were contacted by building management to perform an audit of their existing cabling network within the building risers and see what, if anything, could be done about the current state of the cables.

Lightspeed promptly attended site and completed the audit, complete with notes and photographs of each floor riser compiled into a concise and informative report with recommendations for building management. After reviewing this report, building management eagerly chose to go ahead with Lightspeeds’ recommendations and contracted Lightspeed to perform a clean-up of the cabling network within the building risers.

Lightspeed then worked in with Building Management and scheduled works to avoid building disruption, including.

  • Cable ID and confirmation
  • Removal of all redundant cables creating much needed space within risers
  • Sealing of all riser floor penetrations with fire retardant fill to comply with fire requirements
  • Vacuum clean all Risers from debris
  • Removal of all excess cables and rubbish from site
  • Create close out report including a summary of tenant cables removed as well as after photos of each riser for building management to use for future subcontractor reference.

Building management were so impressed with the outcome of the initial project, they quickly contracted Lightspeed to perform further audits and clean-ups on some of their other buildings.

Building Maintenance Riser Clean-Up

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